Freifunk Hamburg

Freifunk Hamburg is a non commercial open initiative to establish a free radio network (WLAN) in the city of Hamburg. It is part of the international movement for free and wireless radio networks.

Peering Policy AS49009

We have an open peering policy and we do not require a written contract. As we are a voluntary project, we prefer to peer with route servers to keep workload low. Please check if you recieve our prefixes through them already. However, we would really appreciate receiving additional routes via a private peering if possible. If it is possible for you to support us with transit, this would also help us a lot.

For more information please check our peeringdb record.

BGP readable communities

Pico Peering Agreement v1.0

Within our mesh network, we adhere to the Pico Peering Agreement. In addition, we try to implement its fundamental idea also in our backbone infrastructure.